Engineering & Technology


WOLF ENERGY SA is a privately held Swiss company offering highly qualified engineering services in the design, construction and operation of hydraulic and marine works. A long term experience of the founders, a special attention to the needs of our clients together with a never ending passion for fluid dynamics and new challenges complete the professional profile of the firm.

Our activities are twofold.

On the one side we support all typical engineering services (ranging from feasibility study to project planning) while keeping constantly updated with new methods and techniques. On the other side we develop in-house software mainly for hydraulic and marine applications.

Quite obviously these activities influence each other in a complementary way. In most cases the need for solving peculiar problems gives us the idea of developing a specific purpose code. Then the code is used to provide solutions to analogous design situations. All similar new problems or tasks we have to face usually lead to improvements, extensions and revisions of the code itself. Calibration and validation of the software are also carried out through field tests whenever possible.

As a matter of fact we always guarantee to our clients a strong commitment to their needs and goals.